Swiss Derivative Awards 2017

The Swiss Derivative Awards were presented for the twelfth time on March 23, 2017 at an evening event at AURA in Zurich. The jury and the audience acknowledged the following products and issuers with awards:


  • Winner: Bank Julius Bär & Co. AG, JFXYX, JB Tracker-Zertifikat auf den New Silk Road Basket II
  • Nominated: Credit Suisse AG, AASJCS, BRC Best Pick auf europäische Aktien
  • Nominated: Zürcher Kantonalbank, OELTRZ, Tracker-Zertifikat auf Ölaktienbasket m. täglichem FX-Hedge (Tripple Currency)



  • Winner: Commerzbank AG, CO6LCB, Faktor-Zertifikat 6x Long auf Brent Oil
  • Nominated: UBS AG, KAAGBV, 5.75% BRC auf WTI Crude Oil
  • Nominated: BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA, COPBBP, Comex Copper Future Mini-Future Long



Sponsored by SIX Swiss Exchange

  • Winner: Credit Suisse AG, OEVRCS, Tracker-Zertifikat auf CS Virtual Reality Index
  • Nominated: UBS AG, DATACU, Tracker-Zertifikat auf Solactive Big Data Net Total Return Index
  • Nominated: Leonteq Securities AG, BTELTQ, Tracker-Zertifikat auf Swiss Market Selection Index



  • Winner: Bank Julius Bär & Co. AG, FAKZJB, 12M 0.81% p.a. JB Term Deposit Note with Daily
  • Liquidity
  • Nominated: Bank Julius Bär & Co. AG, JRIHF, JB CHF Enhanced Cash Note auf Weltindizes
  • Nominated: Leonteq Securities AG, CKTLTQ, Mini-Future auf USD/TRY Wechselkurs



  • Winner: Bank Vontobel AG, ZXBTUV, Voncert auf Bitcoin
  • Nominated: UBS AG, SLVHDM, Tracker-Zertifikat auf S&P 500 Low Vol/High Dividend Index
  • Nominated: Leonteq Securities AG, DAXLTQ, Mini-Future auf Long/Short Strategie Bund Future vs. Euro
  • BTP Future


For investors, fair prices on the secondary market are a key feature of a «good» investment product. In the category "Leverage Products", Bank Vontobel AG was once again awarded first place as the best market maker. The issuer stood out due to consistent quality in the pricing of its issues in the secondary market on the SIX Structured Products Exchange. Zürcher Kantonalbank was successful in taking first place in the category "Investment Products".


SPECIAL AWARD remains something special
The Award Jury unanimously agreed that this year no special award will be granted. The special award is dedicated to honor extraordinary abilities or outstanding initiatives among the Structured Products industry. For 2016 no such individual, organization or initiative was identified – the more keen should the community be in launching something very special in the current year 2017.


Judging of the issuers' service performance involved assessment of the following criteria: quality of term sheets, quality of brochures and client magazines, quality of derivatives website, quality of market making, surveys of investors and pricing. This year, the jury awarded the coveted distinction to UBS AG, Leonteq Securities AG, Bank Vontobel AG and Banque Cantonale Vaudoise.


The best academic works (Master, Doctor/PhD, Paper) about Derivatives and STPs.

Sponsored by Swiss Structured Products Association (SVSP)

This year’s winner is Stefanie Baller and her «Three Essays on Individual Investors` and Issuers` Behavior in the Market for Speculative Exchange-Traded Retail Products». She convinced the joint Research Award Jury, Prof. Rieger and Prof. Wallmeier, straightaway. Nominees are Paola Pederzoli («Valuing American options using fast recursive projections») the research trio Andreas Oehler, Matthias Horn and Stefan Wendt («Benefits from social trading? Empirical evidence on wikifolios»).