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In 2021, the Swiss Stock Exchange was again recognized as the best Structured Products Exchange in Europe. The Swiss Stock Exchange offers outstanding liquidity in trading Swiss securities and connects companies from around the world with international investors and trading participants. As part of SIX, one of the five largest European providers of capital markets and banking infrastructure, the Swiss Stock Exchange continuously invests in the further development of its products and services in the areas of listing (for equities, fixed income, ETFs/ETPs and structured products), trading (across all instruments) and post-trade. The Swiss Stock Exchange offers sophisticated electronic trading in structured products with a focus on transparency, efficiency and – with active market controls to ensure that all trades are market-compliant – the highest level of investor protection.


«Finanz und Wirtschaft» (FuW), founded in 1928, addresses experienced private and professional investors who operate on or with global financial markets. FuW has the largest expert editorial team in Switzerland. Through daily digital updates and semiweekly issues (on Wednesdays and Saturdays), the printed newspaper edition explains the complex interdependencies of global economy and the events on national and international stock exchanges.

In its analysis, FuW covers all companies listed in Switzerland and all global companies that are important for German-speaking investors. Furthermore, FuW makes investment recommendations and contains extensive market data, which is available either online or in printed form. In addition to the main editorial office in Zurich, the publishing house has further in-house editorial offices in London, Frankfurt and New York.